Saturday, November 08, 2008

Debating God

On my other blog I wrote recently that, while I enjoy debates, I don't really trust them. My childhood experiences taught me that not being able to come up with a snappy retort off the top of your head in front of others does not mean that you're in the wrong.

However, perhaps a bit perversely, I do enjoy watching and listening to debates on Christianity. One of the most prolific debaters of the last two decades or so has been William Lane Craig, one of those annoying people who has two Doctorates. I recently discovered a link to nearly all of the debates he's taken part in. Some you can listen to, some you can watch, and for a few you can read transcripts. The two most common debate subjects are the existence of God and the historical Jesus. There are also others on meta-ethics, and a few more on Islam. It's worth checking out.

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