Thursday, September 18, 2008

An American Parallel to Michael Reiss

The Michael Reiss issue in Great Britain has a parallel in American politics. Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice-presidential nominee, has been accused of wanting creationism taught in schools. Before she was elected governor of Alaska, she said in a debate that both evolution and Intelligent Design should be taught. The political left has seized upon this as a primary example of why she should not be the Vice-president. Just check out the headlines on a Google search of "Sarah Palin" and "creationism".

However, immediately after the debate in question, she was asked to clarify her comments. It turns out she was just saying there shouldn't be a blanket prohibition against discussing Intelligent Design if students bring it up. But she wouldn't want ID added to the curriculum. This is a much tamer claim -- essentially that the curiosity of students regarding controversial issues should not be squelched. But you wouldn't know it from the venom being brought to the issue.

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