Monday, November 01, 2004

Robert Price is as close to a Jesus mythologist as you will find in academia. His books Deconstructing Jesus and The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man are required reading for those seeking to undermine the veracity of the Gospels. Now he has produced a new website for himself which contains a couple of interesting articles. We actually had Price to thank for trashing Achyra S and thus showing that even intelligent atheists realise her work is rubbish. He has now also written an article on the Da Vinci Code explaining that it really does not have a basis in fact at all. I would recommend that people be steered towards it if they are the type who won't believe a word Christians say about this book.

Another interesting article is the one on US foreign policy and especially Iraq. Price appears to be a dyed in the wool neo-Con which surprises this European observer as we have been told in the media that all the neo-Cons are conservative Christians and Jews. Interesting to find that this is not necessarily true.

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