Sunday, November 07, 2004

The final word on the Guardian's ill fated attempt to influence the US election: Clark County, Ohio swung from Dem to GOP. No surprise there, but the whole episode perfectly underlines the stupidity to the so-called intellectual elite. Lots of good analysis in the London Sunday Times, including a fun article by Tom Wolfe. The main lesson (also still to be learnt by the Conservatives in the UK) is when you loose an election in a democracy, you blame yourself - you do not blame the voters. Until the Dems realise this, they are doomed. And that is not a good thing.

Tomorrow, I'll be in Cambridge attending a lecture from Alvin Plantinga, the esteemed Christian philosopher, who will be speaking on "Christian belief and Science: surface conflict, deep concord; Naturalism and Science: surface concord, deep conflict". I'll report back. Also, on Tuesday, Alistair McGrath will be talking on "Has Science Eliminated God?Richard Dawkins and the Meaning of Life" which is a plug for his new book Dawkin's God. Again, I'll report back and the whole lecture will be on the net.

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