Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monbiot Talks Sense

Somewhat to my surprise, I found myself both agreeing with and inspired by an article in the Guardian by green fanatic George Monbiot today. Rather than spreading doom and gloom, he discussed the simple pleasures of growing fruit. I'm more a vegetable man myself, although in August our garden is awash with plums that my wife turns into delicious jam and we sometimes get the sweetest of peaches from a tree against the wall of the house. I even managed to make a little red currant jelly this year. Last weekend, I found time for homemade tomato ketchup which is really good. It's fruitier and sweeter than Heinz (as well as being orange instead of red). I'll try to make some more as the tomato plants in the greenhouse launch into their end of year burst of ripeness.

But don't worry - the Guardian op-ed pages have not turned into an oasis of intelligent thought. Today, they also had yet another aimless rant against faith schools by uber-atheist Polly Toynbee.

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