Friday, February 22, 2013

A couple of things to listen to

Audible have brought out an audiobook version of the Genesis of Science.  This is very much a personal project of the narrator Rich Germaine, so I am very grateful to him for producing it.  Unfortunately, for licensing reasons, this version isn't available outside the US.

Also, I've recorded the Faith and Life Lecture that I was privileged to give at St Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church in Minneapolis last November (this was my first attempt at recording straight to tape, so I hope it sounds OK).  You can listen to it and all the other Faith and Life Lectures at their website.

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Felicity Zimmerman said...

This argument is very flawed. If I were to tell you that you SHOULD believe in a certain god, like the Hindu god Krishna, you wouldn't just be able to believe in his existence no matter how much you wanted to unless you actually do believe in him. One's belief in anything in not simply created, it is not up to the individual themselves; it is simply up to the way their brain thinks, and nobody can tell their brain to think or believe something, because it is not the nature of the brain.

Anonymous said...

"This argument is very flawed."

...if you were referring to your own rambling, nonsensical comment, then yes, I would agree.