Saturday, August 06, 2011


You should be reading Maverick Philosopher if you're not already. It's written by Bill Vallicella who grew tired of academia and now expresses his masterful metaphysical musings online. For the neophytes, try starting with his posts on eliminative materialism.

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natehardee said...

I can't figure out where he exactly stands in relation to God and Christianity. He seem sympathetic to God and religion but not committing all the way.

Anonymous said...

He's a Christian.

Immunophilosopher said...

I believe that he describes himself as "a theist, who is sympathetic to Christianity" (see this post, which is well worth reading in its own right )

I think that it would be safe to call him as a classical theist, judging from his general approach the ontology of existence and how this relates to the attributes of God.

Nate is partly right though, he does not believe that the various arguments for God's existence are conclusive as logical proofs. However, he does endorse the weaker position that they provide strong rational grounds for belief in God's existence.