Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Family Guy

Family Guy often makes me laugh, but I usually feel the need to shower afterwards. Their season opener deals with a couple of subjects Quodlibeteers will be familiar with: the multiverse and the claim that Christianity ushered in "dark ages of scientific repression." You can watch it here, it's pretty funny, but be warned: the language is R-rated at best, there's a lot of poop jokes, and it has one of the most tasteless things I've ever seen (and it's not the Flintstones bit).

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Jon said...

Hey guys, love the blog.

Kinda funny... although I haven't really had much respect for family guy as of late. When the show came back from it's hiatus a couple years ago, they replaced humor with crudeness. On another note South Park's Richard Dawkins episode was on last night... didn't get to catch it though but I wouldn't be surprised if it was aired in light of this:

Interesting... seems like they're sorta skewering the poll numbers though. I'll admit that I'm their target audience being an agnostic fence-sitter and all(I am in the process of finding my faith though), but I can't say that'll really convince me. There just seems to be something contradictory about organized athiesm.

Unknown said...

You know, I quit watching Family Guy mainly because it got so stupid after it came back. Quit watching American Dad too, both shows seemed to have went down hill once Seth MacFarlane got protection from the editors.

Glenn said...

That link's not working for me - "The address could not be found."

But as this is my first comment at your blog I wanted to say thanks for doing it! I love what I've seen so far, and I've given you a plug here.

I'll check back often.

Anonymous said...

The new Southpark-episodes are better. Two weeks ago the first episode after the summer-break came out. You can watch them online for free at the official Southpark-homepage,

Anonymous said...

Family Guy always makes us laugh and there are many friends of mine who like this show too. I can forget to eat ma food but i never forget to Watch Family Guy.