Sunday, September 20, 2009


In the comments of an earlier post, Matko mentioned he wants to get into Alvin Plantinga's trilogy on warrant. I was going to leave this in the comments too, but decided it deserves a post of its own. The first two books of that trilogy can be read online: here are links to Warrant: The Current Debate and Warrant and Proper Function. They were both series of Gifford Lectures, and I don't know if these are as they were originally presented or as they were published. The third book is Warranted Christian Belief, and you'll just have to buy that one.

Update: Most excellent! In the comments Matko gives a link to an online version of Warranted Christian Belief. Now you can read the whole set without having to leave the house or even standing up.

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Matko said...

Here's Warranted Christian Belief:

I'm still intending to buy the entire trilogy, though.

Jim S. said...

I'd like to buy them, but I live a couple of blocks away from one of the best philosophy libraries in Europe, so I can't justify many book purchases.