Sunday, April 05, 2009

Armarium Magnus and C.S. Lewis

Two announcements of interesting things.

Tim O'Neill, a medievalist who used to give me valuable support on the old Internet Infidels discussion boards, has a new blog devoted to reviewing medieval history books. It's called Armarium Magnus which I understand is Latin for big bookcase. These are proper detailed reviews that are well worth reading either when you are considering whether to buy the book, or even as a crib so you don't have to. I've added Tim's site to our select list of favourite blogs on the right and recommend it highly, especially if it continues as well as it has started.

Secondly, news of a secret code that might actually exist! The producers have alerted me to a show scheduled for 10.35pm on Thursday 16th April on BBC1. It's called the Narnia Code and suggests that C.S. Lewis left clues in the Narnia chronicles such that each of the seven books represents one of the seven traditional planets (the moon, sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). The reason that I'm ready to be convinced by this is that it sounds like the kind of literary folly that would have appealed to the author of The Discarded Image. The book of the show, Planet Narnia by Michael Ward, is already available. My video is set.

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Justin Lewis-Anthony (3 Minute Theologian) said...

It's a shame that the BBC has come up with such a sub-Brown title, because Michael Ward's book is a literary and intellectual triumph: his thesis is completely convincing and adds a whole layer of appreciation to reading the Narnia cycle and the interplanetary cycle of Lewis's books.