Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Golden Grayling

I am pleased and honoured to announce that the winner of last month's 'Dawkinsia of the month' poll was contestant number two, Mr‘Lazy!’. In honour of this achievement I have decided to bestow the 'Golden Grayling' award for 'the most intellectually inept attack upon religion'. This elegant trophy features the wise sage, A.C Grayling, himself in a characteristic pose, awaiting in contemplation to sally forth once again in the 'war' against the irrational theists in the pages of the Manchester Guardian. Since this is awarded on a meritorious basis I shall not be distributing this monthly, it will only be awarded for outstandingly inane non-contributions to the debate.

Here again is the winner

Flagged up by Al, this member of the Dawkinsia deserves praise for his unyielding faith, both in his own staggering intelligence and the memetic ideas of Dawkins. Also worthy of mention are the use of short punchy sentences such as ‘Thats Sad’ to frame and emphasise the points being made. This goes together to create a devastating writing style which is reminiscent of the late A.J.P Taylor.

Charles Darwin gave us a truly brilliant theory of evolution. It explains beautifully how all the breathtaking life on Earth was developed from nothing. Before you criticise the theory of evolution be sure you really understand it! According to Richard Dawkins many don't understand. That's sad. The explanation of the whole universe and it's existence is perhaps not darwinistic. God is a very bad explanation, lazy. Religion tend to say it's ok not to try to understand things. That's why I hate religion so much. I am far too intelligent for that. I have NEVER believed in God, not even in my childhood. I have always understood how silly the idea of God is (in our age). We know too much to think God's existence makes sense. Yeah, I can't prove God doesn't exist. In my mind the probability of God's existence is a very small number, perhaps 0.00000000001 %. That is a damn good justification for being an atheist! Believing in God is silly. Intelligent people do it because 1) they were indoctrinated in childhood (outracious brainwashing!) and 2) Religion sadly has an insanely strong status in society. Religion is dangerous. Religion is a virus exploiting the malfunctions of brain. All people free of that virus should promote reason and hope for secular tomorrow.

Long live the secular utopia, its thousand year reign by Richard Dawkins, and the long awaited resurrection of tired rationalist arguments from the 18th and 19th centuries. Amen.

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