Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My New Discussion Forum

As many of you know, I have for some years steered people towards my Yahoo group to discuss or criticise my work. This worked very well for a while and the group went through a golden era when a few regulars made it their home on the net. However, since I enabled comments on the blog, most people have been content to post here rather than at the yahoo group. Sadly, the yahoo group has since died down and become little more than a spam trap. I never really wanted it to grow into a debate forum and tended to discourage people from engaging in lengthy arguments.

As the yahoo group appears to be on its last legs, I've decided to close it down in favour of a public discussion forum. In contrast to my previous policy, I am quite happy for people to debate and argue to their hearts' content as long as they remain civil. Also, for the moment, no registration is required. Anyone can post but I will eliminate spam and trolling as soon as I see it.

So do please post on the new discussion forum rather than on the comments thread of my blog posts or the yahoo group. I will probably stop comments on the blog at some point so that I do not have to keep an eye on two places at once. Also, some people comment on ancient posts which means that they get a bit lost.

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