Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moving house.....

Been moving house this week so very little time for blogging. Here’s a couple of articles to fill the gap.

Firstly, a P.S. to my rant on Monday against content-free education. It’s an open letter from a physics teacher and well worth reading. I suspect the problems he rages against are common to both the UK and the US. Physics was my first degree and I actually interviewed for several jobs as a physics teacher. Glad I didn’t get offered anything, judging from this.

Secondly, the usually excellent David Aaronvitch proves Pinker’s Law. This law, regular readers will know, states that any analysis of human behaviour or development that takes no account of genetics will be worthless. Aaronvitch’s vacuous article demonstrates this by concluding the reason for differences in attainment by toddlers is about culture. Rubbish David, it’s about genetics. You can easily figure out my own comment among the responses to the article.

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jhon said...

Last time the husband used brown parcel tape - which took all the paint off when we took it off the other end!! low cost long distance movers