Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sometimes things happen that are so outrageous they beggar belief. Last year a terminally ill man won a court case in London that would mean that doctors would not be allowed to starve him to death if he lost the power of speech. Amazingly, the doctors appealed and even more amazingly, today they won. And the Appeal Court refused the right of appeal. I know the medical profession think they are gods, but this is ridiculous. We recently had the case of Professor Roy Meadows who was happy to let women rot in jail rather than admit he had made a mistake. Incredibly, even after he was struck off, his colleagues leapt to his defence. And the UK government say they won't cut the abortion age limit from 24 weeks because doctors haven't asked them too. And let's not forget Dr Harold Shipman who murdered dozens of his patients and used the aura of his profession to get a way with it for years.

I wonder what gets into the heads of these people but it is time the medical profession learnt so humility.

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