Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's been over two weeks since my last entry. Part of the reason for this is that it has been a very busy time, and partly because I've been arguing on the Sec Web about the history of science. The later used up my self imposed internet quota while it was happening.

The Da Vinci Code marches on. Today, even the Times Literary Supplement had an article by Professor Bernard Hamilton about it (basically saying it is historically rubbish and decidedly anti-Catholic) which was quite entertaining. I loved the dry and measured tone of the article which made it far more effective than a rant and also quite funny with its studied understatement. I could learn something from that technique myself when arguing.

Rather less pleasing is an interview in Christianity Today with a Jesus myther who is making a movie about his delusions. I have no objections to Jesus mythers being allowed to say their piece but I do think Christianity Today could have provided rather more commentary on the false claims being made here. Doherty certainly does not remain "unrefuted" today. He's been refuted so often that most of us have despaired of the true believers who cling to it.

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