Thursday, March 03, 2005

Intelligent atheist of the month is an otherwise anonymous 'Joe' who felt his communication was so important he had to send it three times. His pearls of wisdom: "jesus never existed you dumb m***** f*****"

Joe used the feedback form so I have no idea who he is. He didn't use asterisks, or any other punctuation for that matter. Nice to see that reasoned argument is still the exclusive purview of the non-believing community.

In other news, my wife and I are well and truly snowed in. We got the car to the end of the drive but then got stuck. It took a spade and kindly neighbour just to get our car back to our spot so we weren't blocking the road. This is the only occasion ever that I have pondered the virtues of a 4x4....

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Anonymous said...

Well I can vouch for the usefulness of 4X4 but then again I live in Canada :-)
Yes it's nice to know that rudeness and stupidity are not the monopoly of religious zealots. On the other hand I can't understand stand how you can recommend the "tektonics" website as too many of the articles written by "J.P. Holding" are nothing more than "ad hominem" attacks and not serious engagement of the issues raised. I am quite disappointed by your lack of discernment. Never mind the bit of not judging others, I think people like you need to call this fellow to task for his most unreasonable approach to apologetics.