Monday, September 27, 2004

Back from holidays and still madly busy. The job of today is to buy a car so I have a couple of test drives lined up. Unfortunately, I have had to abandon my preference for an Aston Martin in favour of a Ford Focus.

There has been a bit of movement on the amulet used by Freke and Gandy which I exposed as a likely fake a few months ago. Now someone at Infidels' discussion board has dug up the original article I saw referred to and a team effort has helped with the German. It seems that the amulet was denounced as a fake as long ago as the 1920s and that it comes from Italy which was a common source of such things. Needless to say, this amulet should now never be used as evidence for anything and anyone who does not mention it is suspect (unless they honestly don't know) is being dishonest.

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