Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I have something of a weakness for internet discussion boards and have even considered adding one to Bede's Library. However, I've contented myself with adding a 'Comments' function to this journal so that readers with something on their minds get let us all know.

For real discussion and argument I strongly recommend popping into the Ebla Forums run by Hugo Holbling and Celsus. Both these gentlemen are well worth talking to in their own right (Hugo is an expert on the philosophy of science and Celsus on the Old Testament) but their boards are gradually becoming the best place for intelligent conversation on the web. Ebla is non-denominational and, although the admins are not Christian, they allow none of the knee jerk anti-religious sentiment found at the Sec Web. I should point out that I help moderate two of the Ebla forums but relatively little is required as the tone is usually respectful of other points of view. So, if you are interested in talking about the sort of thing that I write about in Bede's Library, give it a go.

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