Monday, June 07, 2004

One of the ways to win an argument is to wear down your opponent by throwing so much information into the ring that they have not got a chance to refute it all. Most can be bogus as in the end some always mud sticks. A few anti-Christians have been doing this for a long time, cataloguing in exhausting (if not exhaustive) detail, the alleged crimes of Christians over the last two thousand years. And some of it is true. Yes, 50,000 witches lost their lives, several thousand have been executed as heretics and the pogroms against Jews have a long and bloody history. But that is not enough. To really make the point, and make up for shoddy research, these anti-Christians need to make a lot of stuff up to.

Well, one such list is being attacked by a team led by JP Holding of and yours truly is involved. The list we are going through is long and almost devoid of references which makes tracking the truth down rather tricky at times. Our efforts are being collated here and hopefully once the legwork is done we can tidy it up a bit too! In some ways this is a waste of time but we are all convinced that the Internet must contain wheat among the chaff and claims like this list need to be refuted by those with the knowledge and time to do it. Not everyone agrees that it is worth bothering with, but as long as some people see the other side of the story then it is worth the effort.

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