Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The police are now telling us that the terrorists who bombed London were British and probably suicide bombers. However depressing this is, it is most interesting to note what the terrorists were not. They were not poor, they were not oppressed, they were not ill-educated. These young British lads were turned into mass killers by ideology. So please could we have an end to the benighted idiots claiming that the bombers were driven to act because of the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan or the leftie cause of the moment.

What makes ideologies so dangerous is that we have quite ditched them ourselves. Our politics is simply a question of who can best manage the country. Anyone fired by ideological Marxism, Christianity, atheism or whatever is derided as a nutter who should do more shopping. The only great cause is environmentalism which suffers from being all pain and no gain (ideological tree huggers are not preaching a new nirvana but a return to the the stone age). Thus when a really bad ideology turns up, we have nothing with which to counter it, no big ideas of our own. Just a vacuous celebrity cult and retail therapy.

If you want to find a cause of European militant Islam, then the best candidate is Bosnia (for which the European right can fairly be blamed). But if you want to fight militant Islam, I suggest you need more than multi-cultural out-reach programs or a sprinkling of knighthoods. Rather we need to robustly stand up for our traditions, celebrate them and refuse to let our politicians dismantle our liberties. Some hope.

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