Monday, October 20, 2008

Andrew Brown's new blog

Just a quick note to say that Andrew Brown has an excellent new blog over at the Guardian. Brown is a atheist with plenty of time and sympathy for religion. As a result the Dawkinistas hate him with the sort of hatred that makes Cardinal Bellarmine's attitude towards heresy look like mild disapproval. Almost as good as his blog is the frothing at the mouth from the true believers in the comments. Here's a taster from A.C. Grayling telling Brown how it is:
You are a perfect example of a person whose zeal to defend fairy stories makes you dishonest and mean-minded. Once upon a time your sort did to those who think for themselves what the mullahs would like to do to the brave men and women at that conference: confined now to snideries, your essential poverty of outlook is on magnificent display here.

Great stuff!

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