Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking for bloggers

First, a quick announcement. My Cambridge University email (jh430@cam.ac.uk) no longer works. Now that I have graduated, the account has been closed down. In the past, I have been quite lackadaisical about which address I’ve used to send out emails so please check if you have jh430@cam.ac.uk as your email for me. If so, please change it to bede@bede.org.uk.

A related point on email: to help avoid falling into my spam trap, please ensure that all emails sent to me have an informative subject line. Try to avoid “Hello”, “Greetings” or “Hi”.

Second, a request and/or suggestion. I have been remiss in updating my blog over the last few months due to the pressure of work. When I do update it, the page stats are pretty good and they don’t even include most of the people who read on Google reader and similar. At the same time, I’ve noticed that some of the best blogs on the net are team blogs. The solution might be to pool resources with a few other bloggers or writers with similar views and interests. That way, we have a better chance of regular updates and of a richer fayre than the thin gruel of my own opinions.

So, I’m looking for people who might want to hook up with me to create a team blog. Three or four contributors would be ideal. I’d rebrand the blog so it is clear that it is a team effort and each blogger would be able to post whatever they liked under their own name (I think it is important that people do post under their real name). Contributors would need to be orthodox Christians, politically centre or centre right, willing to post once or twice a week, and with an interest in history, science, religion, politics and the other sorts of things I post on. You don’t have to agree with me on issues like behavioural genetics or global warming, but you should accept the basic truth of evolution. Having an existing blog would be an advantage so I can see the sort of thing you like to write about. Of course, you can keep your old blog going as well if you join the new team blog.

If you’d like to have over a thousand readers of your work a week, drop me a line at bede@bede.org.uk.

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