Wednesday, January 31, 2007

AC Grayling Suffers a Flesh Wound

A.C. Grayling's embarrassment on the Guardian continues. Although he has plenty of anti-Christian headbangers coming to his defence, the fact is that his initial article has been exposed as rubbish. The learned professor has spent the last couple of days frantically rearranging goal posts. Grayling began with an article challenging another Guardian columnist Madeleine Bunting, by writing, "She tells us that Christianity has "fostered learning and science" in Europe for 'hundreds of years'. I challenge her to name one - even one small - contribution to science made by Christianity in its two thousand years; just one."

Easy. The challenge was quickly met, by me among others. Grayling replied to me by name (while also tarring me with the American fundamentalist brush) and then realised that his first attempt didn't really cut it, so tried again the next morning. I replied to his post in great detail and the professor wisely shut up. He is now asking for something rather different to his original challenge.

Incidently, I got outed as a Christian by one of the other posters that I refuted. Not hard, given I was using my real name and Google finds me very fast. Still, I got free advertising and the poster got to feel that his revelation abrogated him from acknowledging what he had got wrong, so everyone's happy.

Another article appeared this morning on the same question but I doubt we'll see much progress.

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